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anora summers

Feng Shui 


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Anora Summers is a certified Feng Shui professional and Reiki practitioner. Anora has guided people to balance their energy and create a minimalistic approach to their living spaces. She believes that by combining organizational elements of Feng Shui and maintaining decluttering practices you can transform  and elevate your home and your life.

When she is not with her two boys, two dogs and her husband admiring Washington, D.C., Chicago, or on the beach meditating and writing.  Anora is working with her clients helping them to reorganize spaces and uplift their energy.

Anora practices Black Sect Feng Shui a practice that not only focuses on enhancing a space physically but also highlights the importance of reflection, balance and insight. Anora is a graduate of the BTB Feng Shui Program in Chicago, IL. She is also a Reiki professional allowing her to fully enhance the benefits of both Feng Shui and Reiki practices.


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Having a home that is peaceful and relaxing is a vacation everyday without having to leave your front door.


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